About Cloud10 Group

Cloud10 Group is an established and respected team of enterprise CRM software experts, representing the ivinex.com platform (fully custom cloud based CRM) as Platinum Certified Partner´╗┐s. 

Our team of consultants bring to the table many years of experience in implementing customer management solutions for businesses of all sizes.´╗┐  Cloud10 focuses on helping client teams build consensus around their custom requirements, with a particular strength around effective sales and marketing.

Our over-arching philosophy:  In today's environment meeting customer expectations is simply not enough.  We exceed customer expectations with our powerful cloud CRM software.

Do you need Customer Management Software that is a custom fit for your business?  Ivinex is a cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution that allows you to create complex custom workflows.

What defines Customer Management Software?

For Ivinex, customer management software is defined through the functionality offered by our powerful, custom CRM. With the horsepower of cloud services, our CRM software runs at screaming fast speeds, and provides an easy custom setup for your most challenging customer management problems.

Our Ivinex Cloud CRM Software provides these top tier services:

  • Customer Contact Management Software
  • Document Management
  • Automated CRM communications rules
  • Custom Project Management
  • Complex Custom CRM functions


Case Study: i4 Solutions

Client Requirements:  This client requested a fully custom CRM module to track their day to day customer interactions with their SEO portfolio. They needed strong reporting from the software for upper management to quickly access custom reports from home- as provided by the cloud infrastructure.

Implementation:  We solved these issues by implementing the Ivinex Cloud CRM software. The client was given several hours of training on how to create workflows for their customer management, and link those workflows to customer information. From there, the client created custom rules for over 150 attributes of their contracts and the system was ready for production within 2 weeks. 

The End Result: The client was able to enter all customer records into their new custom CRM software within a week and started executing management tasks immediately. The power and speed of the cloud services made it a seamless transition. Production time was cut by 91% since Ivinex can create a custom software solution from the planning stage to production faster than most CRM software.

Most businesses need a CRM that is adaptable and as custom as their internal processes.  Ivinex CRM software is a powerful cloud based solution that will help you keep up with customer management tasks and ensure that the ball is not getting dropped on customer service.